Equestria Girls Story

Princess Twilight Sparkle as Woody

Pinkie Pie as Buzz Lightyear

Hiro Hamada (from Big Hero 6) as Mr. Potato Head

Freddy (from Barnyard) as Slinky Dog

Thomas (from Thomas and Friends) as Rex

Otis (from Barnyard) as Hamm

Flash Sentry as Bo Peep

Scooby Doo (from Scooby Doo) as Sarge

Scooby Doo characters (from Scooby Doo) as Sarge's Soldiers

Boots (from Dora The Explorer) as Andy Davis

June (from Little Einsteins) as Mrs. Davis

Joy (from Super Why) as Molly Davis

Trixie as Sid Phillips

Rarity as Hannah Phillips

Midnight Sparkle as Scud

Lightning McQueen (from Cars) as RC

Doc Hudson (from Cars) as Mr. Shark

Marty (from Madagascar) as Lenny

Duke The Dog (from Barnyard) as Etch

Blu (from Rio) as Snake

Nick Wilde (from Zootopia) as Robot

Barney (from Barney and Friends) as Mr. Spell

Lenny (from Shark Tale) as Rocky Gibraltar

Tanya (from An American Tail) as Troll Dolls

Rod Redline (from Cars 2) as Combat Carl

Blaze and the Monster Machines characters (from Blaze and the Monster Machines) as Various Squeeze Toy Aliens

Pickle (from Blaze and the Monster Machines) as Chosen Squeeze Toy Alien

Sci-Twi as Janie

Baloo (from The Jungle Book) as Pterodactyl

Tweety (from Looney Tunes) as The Baby Face

Joy (from Inside Out) as The Legs

Uncle Max (from The Lion King 1 1/2) as The Hand-in-the-Box

Pumbaa (from The Lion King) as The Roller Bob

Face (from Nick Jr.) as The Jingle Joe

Blue (from Blue's Clues) as The Frog

Oscar (from Shark Tale) as The Rockmobile

Jackson Storm (from Cars 3) as The Walking Car

Sid (from Ice Age) as The Ducky

Dag (from Barnyard) as The Burned Rag Doll

Chick Hicks (from Cars) as The Huge Red Pickup Truck Toy

Bill and Ben (from Thomas and Friends) as The Yellow Soldier Toys

Annie (from Little Einsteins) as Sally Doll

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