MixelsRockz's Movies-Spoof of 'Toy Story'

Cast[edit | edit source]

  • Sherrif Woody - Zac (Shimmer and Shine)
  • Buzz Lightyear - Rusty Rivets
  • Mr. Potato Head - Brad (My Life as a Teenage Robot)
  • Rex -guy (green eggs and ham the movie)
  • Hamm -peter griffin (family guy)
  • Slinky dog -four (battle for bfdi)
  • Bo peep -rarity(my little pony)
  • Sarge -Richard (the amazing world of gumball)
  • Sarge's soldiers-gumball -Darwin -and nicole (the amazing world of gumball)
  • The little alien -mario -luigi -and Bowser (super Mario)
  • Yellow Soldiers Toys - Ed and Edna (Open Season 4 Scared Silly)
  • Etch -joey (asdfmovie)
  • Robot -eggy (battle for bfdi)
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